"N" and "O"

I am so excited for this to come: New Nursery Manual, not that the old one wasn’t fun but this one is much, much better, I cant wait to use it with our little ones. And that brings me to my “O” Ordering Church Materials, I love how easy it is to shop online for all the church materials I could ever need.
I haven’t shared my friends blogs but this is one that always makes me laugh, my best friend from high school Amy has a simply hilarious blog about her little family check it out at News From Amy.
My very favorite “N” thing is NAPTIME!!!! I need the kids to take a nap everyday and its even better if I take one at the same time!
Of course my favorite “O” is our little “O”, we sure love our Olivia. She is the sweetest, sassiest, silliest girl. Our lives were forever changed when she joined our family!
Just home from the hospital March 2005

In the backyard November 2008


3 thoughts on “"N" and "O"

  1. Hey Heather, thanks for the shout-out on my blog! I was so honored! (And glad to know that I make you laugh…remember high school honors english? All that satire I used to write? Comes in handy these days…) 😉

  2. That is just the cutest picture of Olivia. I hope I get her in school next year! I love seeing all of you occasionally when you bring/pick up Matthias.

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