"P" and "Q"

To make up for there not being lots of “Q” things here are several “P” things that I am thankful for;
first: Patriarchal Blessings, I love having a little road map for my life from my Father in Heaven, second: the Plan of Salvation, to me this was the principal that brought me to the church, the truth that we lived in heaven before coming to earth and will return there after we die was and still is so true to me,
third: Prayer is what gets me through most days,
fourth: the Priesthood, I am glad that Rob is worthy of sharing this blessing with us,
and fifth: Primary, Olivia cant wait to start in January, she asks us every Sunday if she gets to start that day!
Here are a few fun “P” websites: I like Picky Palate for their fun recipe ideas, not that I ever actually make them but hey someday I might, Plum Pear Apple Capes has super-duper cute capes, lucky for us my MIL is going to make capes for our kids for Christmas I cant wait to see them!, and Plum Pudding for all their fun ideas!
For “P” things that I am thankful for I LOVE pandas!! I got my first stuffed panda bear when I was 4 and most years since then my mom and dad give me another new one, now Olivia has them all to play with! I have had the opportunity to see the pandas at the National Zoo and at the San Diego Zoo which was super too! And for another I love POPCORN!! I have a fun air popper and a whirly popper for the stove top too! YUM, popcorn with lots of butter and salt!
For “Q” I am thankful for quiet! I like to have quiet, too bad my kids don’t!! But I love the silence once they are in bed! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “"P" and "Q"

  1. I am so amazed at how well you have kept up with this letter thing. I think it is so great! As you can tell from my blog I don’t think I would have made it past the letter D.I am glad to see that you guys are doing well. We need to get together after the holidays and really catch up!

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