"R" and "S"

I am thankful for the Relief Society, Reverence, and Revelation. I love Relief Society for the sisterhood I feel when I am there and for the fun activities we sometimes have. I love that Zachary is learning reverence by folding his arms during prayers, of course reverence is something that we still need to work on during church but we are getting there. And I love revelation for allowing me to receive answers for myself.
I am most thankful for the Sealing Power, knowing that my family can be together forever makes me work harder to be kind and loving on “those” days, I know that I still have along way to go but this sure helps.
Here are some fun websites for you to check out: Raising Country Kids for her beautiful pictures, Savin Some for the money you can save, Scripture Mom for her great ideas, Seriously So Blessed for great laughs, Sweet Life in the Valley for fun stuff here in Utah County.
For “R” I will go with rainbows and for “S” I will go with St. Patrick’s Day and shamrocks!


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