Christmas In Review

So this year I tried really hard to not get stressed out by the holidays. Some of the things we did/didn’t do.

We did:
Decorate a gingerbread house, this is a fun tradition for us. And this year instead of “helping” the kids to do it my way, I just let them decorate it their way.

Wrap gifts the week before, which was super on Christmas Eve since all I had to do was set the presents out and put stuff in the kids stockings.

We did go see the Christmas lights in the fancy neighborhood in South Jordan on our way home from the Christmas Eve party at Rob’s parents.

Have a wonderful time at Olivia’s preschool Christmas program.

Let the kids help decorate the tree, I did the middle with the ornaments I didnt want the kids to break or touch, Rob did the top with the angels and the really breakable ornaments, and the kids did as high as they could reach on the tree with the fun unbreakable ornaments.

Go to the extended family parties, it was great to see the kids make memories with great-grandparents, cousins, great-aunts and uncles.

Visit Santa (actually three different Santas), Olivia enjoyed the experience but Zachary was not happy with any of the visits. I dont know if we will go out of our way to do this again next year.

Do our advent calendars, one from Olivia’s preschool and our reusable fabric one.

Let the kids help with our neighbor gifts but we did a simple treat for the majority of our neighbors and just brought the cute cookies to the neighbors on our circle.

We didn’t:
Go anywhere on Christmas Day, of course it was really snowy so it wouldnt really have been safe to go anywhere but Christmas Day seems to work best for us to just stay home and let those who wish to visit us come on over.

Go to Temple Square to see the lights but we did go to Thanksgiving Point to do their drive -through light display, it was great to not be fighting crowds or freezing ourselves.

Send out Christmas cards or take a new family photo, perhaps we will do a little letter and picture of the family when the new baby comes in April.

Go crazy buying gifts, the kids each got a big gift from us (a stuffed unicorn and a train table), a box with several random toys we had gotten at garage sales and stored until now, and a new fridge toy. Plus their stocking stuffers that I had picked up during the year. Their wonderful grandparents and Aunty Jen gave them some other toys and books.

Decorate the outside of the house very much but I kinda liked the simple look we ended up with.

Put out our nice nativity set, I just couldnt find a spot that I thought would be safe from the kids and since they love their Fisher Price nativity we enjoyed that one instead.

I hope the rest of you enjoyed your holidays!


2 thoughts on “Christmas In Review

  1. I loved reading about your Christmas. You got a lot done! I’m glad it was happy for you. Thanks for the adorable neighbor gift. I never got any done…that was on my “not done” list! Happy New Year!

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