So Monday is my 30th birthday and really I cant wait to be 30, it feels like I am finally a grown-up. I feel like I have done most of the things I would have wanted to get done by the time I was 30. This of course isnt the life I thought I would be living at 20 but then I never imagined that I would be a Latter-Day Saint, which of course changed so many things in my life. I didnt ever get that college degree but hey there is time for that after the kids are grown. This is looking to be a great year with the new baby coming in April and a fun family trip in November to Disneyland, here is to 30! Tonight Rob and I are going on a much needed date while the kids hang out with Grandma Launa, we are going to Red Robin and then to see Twilight. I dont think we have been to the movies together since before Zachary was born so its about time!!


10 thoughts on “30!

  1. Have fun! I can’t believe your husband is going to Twilight! Good for him! Tom won’t do it! And happy b-day on Monday, mine is a week from monday but I’m a lot older than you! 🙂

  2. Happy b-day! Bryan seems to love 30. And don’t worry about the college degree. You’re right. There is time for that as the kids get bigger. But don’t give up on that dream, either. Keep it stored in the back of your mind on your “Someday” to-do list. Congrats! And have a wonderful day!

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