Need Advice

So I am looking for some advice on two things:

First what would you get for Zachary for his birthday? I can always come up with things to get for Olivia but Zachary is hard. I am thinking a remote controlled car like this one Tonka Bounce Back Car but besides that I am stuck! Please help, what do 2 year old boys like?

Second what would you do for a birthday party for Olivia? I just cant decide if we should just do a simple family combined party for both kids again or if I should do a friend party for Olivia, too. If I do a friend party should I do a church friend party, I feel like the right thing to do if we do it this way is to invite all the girl Sunbeams (I hate the idea of leaving some little girl out) and then a few of her younger friends so this would be a group of like 20. Or do I do a party with the little girls of friends of ours both from church and elsewhere, Olivia doesnt know some of them very well but it would be fun for the whole family. Or something else? I guess this is why my mom didnt do parties for us until we were in middle school!

19 thoughts on “Need Advice

  1. Parties are a lot of work! If you are going to have a bunch of kids I would do it somewhere like Chuck-E-Cheese. I have done several parties there, though I don’t buy anything from them except pizza, otherwise it’s too much $.Gosh, 2 yr old boys…I’m trying to remember what my Zack liked. You can’t go wrong with cars and trucks! Good luck!

  2. I did a small party for Megan’s 3rd birthday with just some of the neighbor girls and girls that she actually interacts with. I don’t feel like I need to invite all the kids in her class. I just invite the ones she wants, because those are the ones she knows. I’d keep it small for her first friends party. If you try to do it too big, you might throughly overwhelm yourself and not throw another birthday party for year.

  3. We got Mason the Tonka Bounce Back Racer for Christmas. He does like it but hasn’t played with it too much because we haven’t gotten a working 9V battery in the remote (although the remote from Jefferson’s RC Truck happens to control the Tonka car). He also really likes the Fisher Price Little People NASCAR Raceway that his grandparents got for him. His Aunt got him a nice sized dump truck that he loves to push around, and that probably is his favorite.

  4. For Zachary, I’d say Handy Manny anything. My Alex is completely hooked! Then again, he is 4, but it’s something fun for him to grow into for the year. You know him best, though, so you’ll get just what’s right.For birthday parties, I’m kinda strict. My kids get to have one friend per year of age. Then they get to choose whoever those friends are. I just can’t do big parties. Budget-wise or stress-wise. For the siblings, they get to invite one friend to the same birthday party so they aren’t totally left out, or trying to hog all the attention. (I have an issue with that with Abby)Good luck! It’ll be fun no matter what you do!

  5. Brynlee didn’t ask for a friend party until she was 5, so we always just did a family thing. It’s a completely different story now! I would go with what and who you want to deal with!!!!!!!!!

  6. On the Olivia birthday front, what we did with Jefferson was the invite our friends that also had kids around his age and then a couple other neighborhood friends thing. It’s an age that they aren’t going to remember much, if anything, so you don’t need to go too crazy. Plus, inviting 20 kids is a lot and if their parents come- wow. Not that all of the kids would come, but at that age a good rule of thumb is too just invite as many kids as the age you child is turning (give or take a couple).

  7. Heather you are way so cute. Whatever you decide to do on birthdays would be fine. One word of advice, keep it small. For Gracie’s fourth b-day we had 8 kids and they all started to fight about who did what by the end. It’s almost like friend over load. My friend let her son pick his four closest friends and they called it a play date so no one was offended. A simple craft and game is really all you need to do to get the kids excited. Love ya!

  8. Small and simple is best for this age. We had 8 kids at Gracie’s and they it was overload for all the kids. To many friends to play with. My friend had a party with four kids and she called it “her sons special play date” so no one was offended. (Also no one felt obligated to bring gifts if they didn’t want too.) It turned out good. With Gracie’s we played two games and opened gifts and had cake and ice cream. It was great and was about the right length.

  9. It’s so funny how opposite we are. I can’t come up with anything for Brinnley, but for Brayden the possibilities are endless. Brayden loves Dino’s, Pirates, but the best for him at that age was the Geo Trax Trains. Good Luck!I’ve heard for Birthday Parties you should only invite as many as how old they will be. Otherwise it might be to overwhelming. Let me know how it goes. I’ve yet to brave one!

  10. now – i’m like the last person to ask about finding the best present ever – and birthday parties. but i do wish you luck and if i think of anything, i’ll holler. šŸ™‚

  11. After last year’s fiasco with the pool, for the girls…I made a little list…Jump on ItKangaroo ZooBackyard AdventuresBoondocksDiscovery GatewayLegacy CenterBouncin’ Off The WallsI am the type that would rather have the mess somewhere else! šŸ™‚

  12. I totally agree with having a party somewhere OTHER than your house–let’s hear it for someone else cleaning up the mess! šŸ˜‰ And I also agree that the smaller, the better. Let her invite some close friends, OR just do the family party! What does Olivia want? It’s so hard not to go nuts…but I guess the day will be here soon enough when they are begging for big parties and we’ll long for the preschool days when things were simpler. šŸ˜‰ As for two year old boys…we hang out with plenty of them, and Handy Manny seems to be quite popular. He has a tool set at Target that’s really cute. Seems like the boys all like to bang on things with their cool tools! Also, the Little People school bus is really popular and so is (GOD HELP US ALL) play-doh.Good luck Heather! You’ll do an awesome job no matter what you decide!

  13. Lexie got the Little People Learn About Town for Christmas, and she and Dylan both love that toy. I highly recommend it. Dylan’s favorite 2nd birthday gift was his tricycle. It was a lights and sounds big wheel. Good luck with the party planning!

  14. We did our first friend party for Kenna this year. It was fun for her, but I really hope we don’t end up doing it often. My advice is to keep it small. Tons of kids are really hard to handle and lots of them get left out. I’m not a party person though, so take that with a grain of salt.If you decide to do it somewhere besides your house, Kenna went to a party at the Kid Barn. The kids LOVED it.I have no idea on what to get for a two year old boy. Liam turns 1 in a couple weeks and I haven’t even started looking. Good luck!

  15. After reading others suggestions, I would have to agree with the Handy Manny toys as being popular for Zachary’s age. That is only kids show that Mason gets super excited about and requests by name. The only reason I haven’t gotten him any of the Handy Manny toys (and decided against them for his “gift from baby” when we picked those out last weekend) is because they tend to have lots of pieces (aka tools) and I’m just tired of toys with lots of pieces.

  16. Why don’t you just buy Zack a ladder or a fence to climb? You could mount it too the wall. All that boy wants to do is climb anyway right?!And before you think I am a terrible mother, OF COURSE I am kidding!

  17. Oh that IS a pickle. Sorry I can’t help! With no kids, I’ve got no frame of reference for that kind of stuff. But good luck! Oh actually, you know what? My roommate and I did get her nephew a talking train when he turned 2. ???

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