Twilight: My Review

So for my birthday Rob and I finally went to see Twilight. I liked the book, it wasnt my favorite book ever but I enjoyed it. Maybe because it is set in Forks, Washington which isnt too far from Silverdale where I lived for awhile. It made it easy to picture the places they went since I too had been to many of them. Anyways I liked the movie, I had been told by a few people that I would like it better the second time so I didnt have very high expectations but I thought it was fine. I was distracted by the ethnically diverse high school cast, ummm I grew up in a small Washington town and there is no way that Forks is that diverse. My other problem with the movie was Edward running up the trees, kinda weird since he didnt do that in the books and I didnt see how it added anything to the movie. I have decided that what I am going to spend my birthday money on is the box set of books so that I can read the last two books, I just wish they were all available in paperback.

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