I am really liking being a mom lately, this isnt something that is always true for me. Honestly I am not a baby person and as my little ones get bigger I find myself enjoying them even more.
I love that my little ones are getting big enough to play together for (brief moments) nicely.
I love that they sleep pretty well, both at night and at naptime.
I love that taking them to the store is easier now that we dont have to bring a diaper bag everywhere.
I like that they love to go to nursery/primary allowing me to enjoy church (and I love that their teachers are so wonderful).
I love that they come to give me (and the baby) hugs and kisses at random times.
I love to see how excited they are when Rob comes home.
I like that they think helping me pickup or do the dishes or laundry is fun.
I am going to try to remember these things for “those” days!

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