Look Who Is Two!

Zachary turned two on the 16th, those two years sure have gone fast! He has had a nasty cough and runny nose and hasnt been sleeping well so it wasnt the most fun birthday ever but we tried.

We started the day with an 8:30am dentist appt, I know what a mean mom! It actually went really well and thankfully neither of the kids has any cavities. The dentist gave them new toothbrushes so they were thrilled and Zachary got a teddy bear for going in on his actual birthday which I though was nice. We then went to the party store in downtown Lehi to get a balloon for each of them, unfortunately Zachary’s popped when we were getting out of the van. Olivia was more upset then he was though and immediately went and got him one of the star balloons we had gotten on Valentine’s Day which I thought was very sweet of her.
After being home for just a bit we went and met Rob at his work so we could go to Build a Bear so that we could use Zachary’s birthday coupon. He picked a frog and he and Olivia had fun making it. After coming home and taking nice long naps we got ready for his little birthday dinner with just us and Aunty Jen. He liked the frosting off of the cupcake more then the actual cupcake!
Then it was time for presents, we actually haven’t bought his present yet but we keep a box of garage sale toys for extra Christmas and birthday presents for the kids so we picked some fun “new” things out of that for him. The kids both love the new vacuum, funny since they really don’t like the real vacuum. The new little cars were a hit, too! Thanks to Aunty Jen for the cute new clothes and much needed 2T pjs and to Grandma Elizabeth for the blanket and toy bin.

5 thoughts on “Look Who Is Two!

  1. What a cute little guy! I’m glad he had a good birthday! I know what you mean about it going fast-Lexie will be 2 on Sunday, and it feels like I just had her. I’m sorry he’s been sick. Lexie is sick, and I hope she feels better for her birthday, because she had roseola for her 1st birthday! Happy 2nd Birthday!

  2. I went to the dentist on my birthday last year. I didn’t have an cavities and the dentist gave me a gift card to Coldstone for coming in on my birthday (not the gift you’d expect from a dentist but I really liked it!). My boys generally prefer just eating the frosting too.

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