I Love To See The Temple

We had tickets to attend the Draper Temple Open House on the 21st. We took both the kids and hoped that they would be somewhat reverent and that it wouldn’t take the 3 hours that we had heard that it might. Lucky for us both the kids were very good and it only took us an hour and half from getting to the parking lot to leaving the parking lot. Olivia enjoyed the bus drive there and back and the video on the temple that they showed at the stake center. Zachary appeared to like the baptismal font since he threw a huge fit when we had to walk away, either that or he just wanted to go for a swim. I loved the celestial room, the chandelier and other lighting is so beautiful. It was great to have the opportunity to show the temple to the kids even if they are too little to really understand the significance of it. We hope to be able to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House in the summer, too. What an amazing time we live in to be able to go to these open houses.

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