Baby Pool

Okay who wants to guess when the baby will come?? Go here, the name of the game is HaslamBaby (you will need to enter it in the top right corner), thanks for playing!

A few hints:

Rob and I would now both guess that the baby is a boy based on how I am carrying it, but at the beginning I would have said girl hands down. Olivia too has decided it is now another brother instead of her early insistence that it was two baby sisters.
Olivia was two days early and weighed 8 pounds 14.5 ounces and was 20.5 inches and was born at 5:25 pm.
Zachary was a day late and weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce and was 19.5 inches and was born at 7:06pm.

Olivia’s Friend Birthday Party

This year we decided that Olivia was old enough to have a friend party, I decided that rather then leave anyone out it would just be easier to invite all the little girl Sunbeams from our ward, the two girls Olivia wanted to invite from preschool, and her girl cousins. So that made the potential guest list about 24, we had 18 (including our two little ones) show up. It seemed liked a crazy thing to do but it actually went really, really well. We started by watching a Dora show as everyone arrived, we sang some songs, then we had three stations where the girls could go to color, or make bracelets, or plant some plants. Then we played pin the cloud on the rainbow while we waited for our pizza to cook. After pizza we had cupcakes and then came the pinata which was Olivia’s only real request for her party. We got a pull string Dora pinata (since I didnt really think it sounded like a good idea to hand a 3 year old a stick inside), it was not so easy to stuff with candy but once we got all the girls a string to pull it let the candy out just fine. Then it was time for the girls to leave. Olivia got wonderful presents from everyone, in fact we still havent given her our presents since she has had so many new fun things to play with.

Zachary’s Dinosaur

We got Zachary a super cute remote controlled dinosaur for his birthday, we were a little slow in ordering it so it came just in time for Olivia’s birthday. That was okay though because it made him not want to open Olivia’s presents.

Olivia’s Birthday Part 2

We had Rob’s parents and Aunty Jen down for dinner on Olivia’s actual birthday. Grandma and Grandpa brought presents for both of the kids since they were on vacation for Zachary’s birthday. Zachary was super cute opening presents, he finally understood that fun things were hiding under the wrapping paper.