Olivia’s Friend Birthday Party

This year we decided that Olivia was old enough to have a friend party, I decided that rather then leave anyone out it would just be easier to invite all the little girl Sunbeams from our ward, the two girls Olivia wanted to invite from preschool, and her girl cousins. So that made the potential guest list about 24, we had 18 (including our two little ones) show up. It seemed liked a crazy thing to do but it actually went really, really well. We started by watching a Dora show as everyone arrived, we sang some songs, then we had three stations where the girls could go to color, or make bracelets, or plant some plants. Then we played pin the cloud on the rainbow while we waited for our pizza to cook. After pizza we had cupcakes and then came the pinata which was Olivia’s only real request for her party. We got a pull string Dora pinata (since I didnt really think it sounded like a good idea to hand a 3 year old a stick inside), it was not so easy to stuff with candy but once we got all the girls a string to pull it let the candy out just fine. Then it was time for the girls to leave. Olivia got wonderful presents from everyone, in fact we still havent given her our presents since she has had so many new fun things to play with.

3 thoughts on “Olivia’s Friend Birthday Party

  1. Olivia’s party sounded wonderful! I love parties at home, they’re much more fun and way less expensive. It’s a lost art. I’m glad you know how to do things like that for your little ones! Happy Birthday, Olivia! Next year we can celebrate in MY class!

  2. Thanks for inviting Kinsey. She actually had two birthday parties to go to that day. Now every Saturday she asks when she is going to her birthday parties. Looks like everyone had so much fun. I don’t know about you but I am so ready to have this baby and not be pregnant anymore!

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