Family Easter Lunch

Rob’s grandparents had an Easter lunch for the whole family during the break between conference sessions on Sunday. The kids had great fun finding eggs, I had told Olivia to just run and grab eggs and put them in her basket and not to open them until we were done. I wasnt really sure how Zachary would do but he quickly caught on and had great fun looking for eggs with Grandpa. Of course the kids headed in different directions so I followed Zachary while Rob went with Olivia. The eggs had either money or candy in them and our kids being Haslam’s found lots of money so much in fact that I asked Rob if he had Olivia shake the eggs and only keep the ones the jingled but he claims he didnt. 🙂


The wonderful thing about spring in Utah is one day it can be sunny and warm and the next day it can be snowing. The kids had great fun playing in the latest snow. And rather then let them eat snow off their boots (cause that is gross) I brought them each in a bowl of snow and let them eat that which isnt as gross, right?


The decorations for Olivia’s party came in a big box, which of course the kids have greatly enjoyed playing in. Why do we buy them toys again?

Thanks YouTube

Olivia loves to watch videos on YouTube, she is always asking for “the prophet song”. Someday we will have to get her singing it recorded, it is too funny! Here is the link: LDS Apostle Song. She also has really started to like playing computer games, her favorite are from the online site Starfall and the I Spy series (we get them from the library).