Family Easter Lunch

Rob’s grandparents had an Easter lunch for the whole family during the break between conference sessions on Sunday. The kids had great fun finding eggs, I had told Olivia to just run and grab eggs and put them in her basket and not to open them until we were done. I wasnt really sure how Zachary would do but he quickly caught on and had great fun looking for eggs with Grandpa. Of course the kids headed in different directions so I followed Zachary while Rob went with Olivia. The eggs had either money or candy in them and our kids being Haslam’s found lots of money so much in fact that I asked Rob if he had Olivia shake the eggs and only keep the ones the jingled but he claims he didnt. ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “Family Easter Lunch

  1. I wanna be a Haslam and go to profitable Egg hunts… We are doing the Thanksgiving Point one tomorrow…Thanks for posting new pictures. My girls were begging to play with yours yesterday. I should have called!Emma

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