Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter weekend was so busy and the kids got so much candy that we decided to do our family egg hunt a little later in the week, well then we had Alexander and it got pushed back even further. Lucky for us our kids are still too little to understand that it wasnt Easter anymore! They had great fun gathering up the eggs but the biggest hit was the Littlest Pet Shop and Mr Potato Head toys that the bunny left in the house while we were searching for eggs.

First Trip to Church

In our usual tradition we took Alexander to church the Sunday after he was born. It was great to get out of the house!! And the family in front of us had their brand new baby there, too! There were actually three babies born in our neighborhood that week, maybe it was that storm!

Favorite Memories

So some of my favorite memories from the hospital are:

The hospital gave me the softest, warmest, comfiest robe ever. I did find it funny that the robe is white, not exactly a “safe” color when you have just had a newborn. It was also really nice of the hospital to bring in a table and flowers and a nice dinner for just Rob and I on the second night there. It was still hospital food but the dessert was great!

My sweet sister came to hang out with me the first night in the hospital, she brought me lots and lots of yummy treats. Good thing since I didnt sleep that night and was hungry!

Although I am not sure I believe in old wives tales there was a really big storm while I stayed in the hospital. I got to watch it snow!!

And my favorite memory was when Alexander was born, we got to find out that he is a boy!! I was pretty certain by this point that he was a boy but it was fun not knowing until then. The doctor let Rob announce his gender to all of us.

Going Home

Ahhh, time to go home! I was SOOO excited to leave the hospital, I would only stay one day if we didnt pay for supplimental insurance that requires a two night stay. I wanted my bed, my house, my food.

Alexander Day 2

It was a very long night in the hospital, (the kids stayed at Rob’s parents house while Rob went home to get some sleep and go to work in the morning). Alexander and I were awake most of the night, he would sleep some but only if I was holding him which made me afraid to fall asleep since those hospital beds are tiny and I didnt want to drop him. I actually felt pretty good for just having had a baby just really tired. I think the reason he cried so much was that he was hungry even though the “experts” claim that newborns dont get hungry, next time I think I will have the nurses give my crying baby a bottle. I will also bring a better blanket for swaddling. And the anti gas medicine. Anyways…
Rob brought the kids to see us at lunchtime. Olivia was so excited to see the baby and hold the baby and to be a big sister again. Zachary seemed most excited to see me and then all he wanted was my water bottle. Our good friends watched the kids for us that afternoon so Rob could come back to the hospital and spend some time with us and so that we could have the “fancy” dinner the hospital provided for us. I did get more sleep the second night, I think it did help that the nurses werent coming in nearly as much. It was nice that one of my nurses was a woman from the ward we lived in when we were first married, we served in the nursery together so it was fun to catch up with her. And one of my nurses assistants was a girl from the same ward who is now all grown up.

Welcome Alexander! Part 2

So after nursing Alexander and getting some juice, I finally got to eat! One my favorite things about my hospital is their ice but I am not a fan of their food so I was super excited for Rob’s parents to bring me a yummy Philidephian sandwich. They came to visit right after we got moved to my recovery room, the kids were super excited to meet their new baby brother.

Welcome Alexander!

So here is the story of Alexander’s birth:

Early on the morning of the 14th I awoke to go potty again only something seemed a little strange when I stood up and kept “leaking”. I went back to sleep but when I woke up again to go potty and “it” kept happening I did some research online and realized that this was it and ready or not we were going to have the baby 10 days early! I woke Rob up and told him that he was going to be a daddy again really soon and then I got into the shower. I finished packing my hospital stuff and we called Rob’s mom to make sure she could watch the kids for us. I wasnt really having any consistent contractions but I didnt with Zachary either and we learned our lesson about going to the hospital earlier then we did with him. The drive up to Rob’s parents was a little uncomfortable since the road is under construction and very bumpy. The kids were excited to spend the day with Grandma (again thank you so much Launa for taking them). We got to the hospital about 8am and got all checked in. The nurse checked me eventually and said I was at a 4 so I knew we still had a way to go. The hospital was really busy, they said it happens every time there is a big storm coming something about the pressure change in the weather makes everyones water break. Since my labor wasnt progressing the doctor decided to start me on some pitocin and although I was hoping to go natural with this baby I was too chicken to do that with the pitocin so I got my epidural. About an hour later I was feeling alot of pressure and when the nurse checked me she got my doctor! Alexander was born at 2:14 after 7 minutes or so of pushing. He weighed in at a whooping 9 pounds 7 ounces, by far our biggest baby and he was early unlike the other kids so I am really glad he came when he did. The nurses and doctor were impressed by how alert he was and how highly he scored on the apgars. Rob and I were impressed by how much he looked just like Olivia and Zachary when they were born. I was also just really glad to be able to eat and drink.

Wow, That Went Fast!

Well I guess it has been quite awhile since I updated this! So as all of you know we had Alexander on the 14th of April, I will let that be my excuse for not updating this time. Its hard to type while holding a baby and when he sleeps (which really isnt too often) I try to sleep too! Olivia finished her first year of preschool and is very sad to be on summer vacation. Zachary is talking more and still getting into everything. Rob is busy at work but has found the time to get our garden planted and gates for the fence in. I am adjusting to having three little ones at home, so far it hasnt been as bad as I imagined. The big kids play together and watch lots of tv, I nurse alot, and the housework gets done if there is time. 🙂 I will try to get some pictures on here soon.