Alexander Day 2

It was a very long night in the hospital, (the kids stayed at Rob’s parents house while Rob went home to get some sleep and go to work in the morning). Alexander and I were awake most of the night, he would sleep some but only if I was holding him which made me afraid to fall asleep since those hospital beds are tiny and I didnt want to drop him. I actually felt pretty good for just having had a baby just really tired. I think the reason he cried so much was that he was hungry even though the “experts” claim that newborns dont get hungry, next time I think I will have the nurses give my crying baby a bottle. I will also bring a better blanket for swaddling. And the anti gas medicine. Anyways…
Rob brought the kids to see us at lunchtime. Olivia was so excited to see the baby and hold the baby and to be a big sister again. Zachary seemed most excited to see me and then all he wanted was my water bottle. Our good friends watched the kids for us that afternoon so Rob could come back to the hospital and spend some time with us and so that we could have the “fancy” dinner the hospital provided for us. I did get more sleep the second night, I think it did help that the nurses werent coming in nearly as much. It was nice that one of my nurses was a woman from the ward we lived in when we were first married, we served in the nursery together so it was fun to catch up with her. And one of my nurses assistants was a girl from the same ward who is now all grown up.

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