Horse Parade

The kids favorite entry, a cute baby horse.

Excited to see some horses.

They were a little smelly for Zachary.

Alexander wondering what the heck we were doing.

Sassy pants.

We took the kids to the horse parade in Lehi today, they had fun but I think its one of those things I only need to do once. A parade just of horses is not all that interesting.

Liberty Land

Rob and Zachary are in the very last seat.

One of our neighbors invited us to go to Liberty Land last week. I thought that the kids would enjoy it, but boy was I was wrong! Olivia was scared of all the rides, including the carousel. Hmmm, Disneyland might not be too fun this fall! Zachary was braver and even rode the roller coaster with Rob. I would have liked to have tried the bumper boats but with a little baby that didnt sound like the best idea, maybe we will go back when the kids are bigger.


I tried to get a few pictures of the kids having fun outside, these were the best two. Alexander appears to like the grass as much as I do!

Three Little Monkeys

So a lot of people told me that having three kids was the hardest for them and that if we could get past three kids the rest would be easy. I guess I was prepared for this to be a lot harder then it has been so far. I would still say that Olivia was my hardest baby, not because she was a bad baby (Alexander is by far our most fussy and loud baby) but because it was such a huge adjustment to go from working full time to being home full time with a baby. I was never a baby person before having Olivia and honestly am still not a huge baby person, give me a six month old over a newborn any day! And Zachary was hard because Olivia was still needing my attention, this time the big kids can play together while I nurse the baby or try to take care of the house stuff. Of course leaving the house with the kids is just about impossible by myself but I didn’t leave the house much when the other kids were little either. Rob and I were talking the other night and since we plan on having five kids we realized that we are more then half way through the baby years and that made me sad. I never pictured this as my life but I wouldn’t change it for anything now.


With her teacher.

Sugar and SPICE!

What a great big sister!

Our sweet little Lu has become a sassy little Lu lately but her sweetness still shows through sometimes! She loved her first year of preschool and was in tears on the last day. She cant wait to go back to school. She also loves the baby (sometimes a little too much!!) and he seems to really love her, too.