Lesson Learned

So we learned another important parenting lesson this 4th of July. I thought that the kids were big enough to stay up to see the fireworks. We had it all planned to be at Rob’s parents house and then to go see a fireworks display somewhere. When we got to his parents house they suggested we stay and watch the neighbors light off their big packages of fireworks, I was slightly nervous about doing that since I wasnt sure how the kids would react. Somehow plans got changed and we ended up just pulling off the road to watch the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point. The kids were crazy, climbing over all the seats, trying to fall out the windows, trying to push the horn, and we all were getting bitten by mosquitoes. Ummm, not fun. And to make things even worse the kids werent even impressed by the fireworks, we ended up leaving probably 10 minutes before they were over. Never again, next year they will be sound asleep by the time fireworks start.


2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. McKenna liked the fireworks show but Reeve was all over the place. Yes, climbing out the windows, honking the horn (which drove the people in front of me crazy). The worst part was Dave was working so I was doing it all by myself! Next year Dave will either be there or no fireworks for me! Ha ha

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