Of course I loaded the pictures backwards again but you will the idea!
Playing in the fountain at the end of the day

Passed out baby. Who by the way is a BOY!! I had two different people ask “how old is she”, ummm hello HE is in a blue hat and a blue and red outfit without a drop of pink or purple or bows or ribbons. I understand he is a “pretty” baby but if he was a girl I would be sure she was in pink and bows and ribbons. Grrrr!

The boat ride.

Fun whale ride.

Rob’s parents invited us to go to Lagoon with them on their Stake Lagoon Day last Thursday. We thought it might be a good idea to get Olivia used to rides before our trip to Disneyland this fall. We brought Rob’s mom up with us and had fun riding rides for a little while before Rob’s dad and brother and sister in law met us there. The kids had fun riding all the kiddie rides. Olivia loved the boat ride but did refuse to go on the huge ferris wheel and she did cry a bit on the carousel until Rob convinced her she wasnt going to fall off. Zachary being the fearless kid he is liked everything, especially the train ride. Both kids liked the roller coasters. I didnt get nearly as many pictures as I would have liked to since I was carrying the baby. Alexander was not a happy baby, it was hot and we were outside. I carried him most of the day, my arm was HURTING on Friday. It was a fun day mostly and I think we will make it a summer tradition.

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