On her orientation day, and yes this year I am letting her pick her own outfits no matter how strange they may be.

In the cute outfit that Auntie Jen bought her, no matter that it was nearly 100 degrees outside.

Olivia started her second year of preschool last week. She was SO excited to go back to school. Her teacher is from our old ward so Olivia kinda knew her already so that helped. She went right into her class without looking back. I was a little sad to not even get a hug but it is a sign she is growing up.

Ice Cream!

Zachary was excited!

Alexander enjoyed hanging out with me while we watched the kids eat.

After going to the gardens we went to JCW’s to get ice cream which we waited until we got home to eat.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

We decided to again take advantage of the $2 Tuesday event at Thanksgiving Point, this time we went to the gardens and Auntie Jen came with us. This time we found the koi fish, the kids loved them. The gardens are so beautiful, we hope to go back again this week to see the Children’s Garden.

Cute Baby Alexander!

Baby Alexander is getting so big! He is almost 15 pounds and nearly outgrowing all his 3-6 month clothes. He still isnt sleeping through the night but the other kids didnt do that for along time either so I dont really have much hope that he will do it anytime soon. He has a super cute laugh and smile and he adores Olivia.