On her orientation day, and yes this year I am letting her pick her own outfits no matter how strange they may be.

In the cute outfit that Auntie Jen bought her, no matter that it was nearly 100 degrees outside.

Olivia started her second year of preschool last week. She was SO excited to go back to school. Her teacher is from our old ward so Olivia kinda knew her already so that helped. She went right into her class without looking back. I was a little sad to not even get a hug but it is a sign she is growing up.

4 thoughts on “Preschool

  1. We have to get a new sign. You can't even read it!Olivia is a very grown up little girl. She is doing so great in class already. I love teaching her and look forward to seeing her smiling, independent little face each Monday, Weds. and Friday!

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