Vacation: Disneyland

We had a great time at Disneyland, you can read more about our trip at These pictures are actually in reverse order of our days there but you will get the idea. 🙂
With Sully.

Zachary loved the fountains in front of the carosel over in California Adventure.

Zachary loved Lightening McQueen.

Family picture.


The day Rob dressed Zachary in Zander’s clothes, it was super funny!

Meeting Cinderella.

With Ariel.

We were so glad that Grandma Elizabeth could join us too.

Showing off his tattoo with our phone number, luckily we didnt need it!

On the teacups with daddy, because mommy wont ride them.

Lu on the carosel.

Zachy and me on the carosel.

Meeting Mickey.

Baby Zander

In Goofy’s house.

Pretending to drive.

Cute girl.

So happy on Grandpa’s shoulders.

Meeting Jasmine and Aladin.

Vacation: Drive to Vegas

We went on vacation the beginning of November. The first day we picked Olivia up from school (after much last minute packing) and drove to Las Vegas to stay overnight. It was not the most fun drive ever since Zander decided to cry from Santaquin to Cedar City (for those of you not from Utah that is about 2 1/2 hours of crying). The big kids did manage to take a nap after much fighting over daddy’s pillow. We had planned on going to see the fountains and other fun things on the Strip but we were so tired by the time we got there that we got dinner to go and ate it at the hotel. We had a two bedroom suite that had a kitchen/living room area where we set up Zander’s porta crib. The kids did a great job sharing a bed, Olivia told us that they cuddled. Zander had a hard time sleeping, which meant I spent a lot of time trying to nurse him back to sleep. Since we were awake pretty early, we were on the road to Anaheim early, too.

Someone is awfully happy for not sleeping much during the night.

The big kids in the morning, they did a great job sharing a bed. I was very impressed.



Zander finally sleeping.

Halloween 2009

Trick or Treating at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Olivia was a witch, Zachary was a dinosaur, and Zander was a dragon.

Olivia got to wear her costume to preschool, too.

Well at least two of them are looking at the camera.

First Snow!

Right before Halloween we had our first snow. I had told Olivia that it might snow and she got really excited and got out her snow pants, I was not expecting enough snow for her to need them but she was really excited when we did.