Early March 2010

Aunty Jen playing piano with the kidlets.

Awww, moments like this make it all worth while.

Look who stole a sucker…

My favorite project Olivia has made at school.

Olivia drew her Tinkerbell house for Grandma Elizabeth. She did a great job!

Zachary’s hair was super long so we tried to spike it for our neighbors baptism, it didn’t last long but it sure was cute!

Olivia’s 5th Birthday

Our little girl is FIVE!! Where has the time gone?! We sure love our little Lu, she is a great helper, sings beautifully, is super smart and just a little sassy!!
Olivia got some snow for her birthday which she was super excited about.

Her DingDong birthday cake.

Yay, more Littlest Pet Shops!

And even more!

Zachary’s 3rd Birthday!

Our little man is growing up, Zachary turned 3 on February 16th. We are so glad to have him in our family, his is spunky and energetic and sweet when he wants to be.
Make a wish!

Our sweet boy!

PRESENTS!! (Just ignore our Christmas tree…yes it should go downstairs but because Rob is working on building down there and we don’t have a box for the tree it is still set up in the living room, its festive, don’t you think?!)

Whats in there?

Cars!! And a train set. Some firemen and a spiderman toy. Oh the joys of boys!

Early February 2010

Zander loves his daddy!

We took the kids for a walk on the first warm day (well warm for us), we ended up at the park in our neighborhood, Zachary LOVES to slide!

Zander loves to knock the fridge magnets off the fridge.

Olivia plays so well with Zander and he just adores her.

Look out here I come!

Nice hat, Zachy!

Late January 2010

We went to a train show at Thanksgiving Point, it was not so exciting except for the HUGE lego display which was amazing.

Watching for trains.

The best of the bunch…

Zander is so cute when he sleeps.

Zachary’s belly button.

The third kid is allowed to get into so much more stuff then the first two…wax isn’t that bad for you right?

Early January 2010

The best of our attempts to get another group picture.

Olivia’s hair before.

And after. She likes that it is less tangly and so do I!

We had one of Olivia’s friends overnight while her parents were traveling.

Who me?

Zander loves the blueberries but they sure are messy.