Alexander’s 1st Birthday

With the fun ball toy that Grandma and Grandpa brought him.

Eating his cake.

We sure love Alexander, he is a very sweet little boy and he LOVES me (which is good cause the other kids LOVE Rob). I think he is my prettiest baby (but he doesn’t take very good pictures, he gets that from Rob), he has the most lovely eyelashes and prettiest blueish eyes. He adores Olivia and I can tell that he and Zachary are going to have all sorts of adventures as they get older. Alexander is more like me then the other kids, he is alot more shy and cautious then the other kids. Its crazy to think that it has been a year since he surprised us by coming 10 days early and I don’t think it is fair that he was such a big baby but is now a small toddler. Alexander loves balls, carrying stuff around, formula, mommy and Olivia, and going outside.

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