Vacation Day 1

We left for Primm, NV shortly after church on Sunday. The drive actually went pretty well this time. Zachary is still the best kid for road trips, he just chills in his seat watching shows and taking a nap with no fuss. The kids really liked the interesting hotels you can see from the highway in Vegas, and after that long boring ride I can see why!
We made it to the hotel about 8pm (and after listening to Zander cry from Vegas all the way there, we were all glad to get out of the van), the kids had a great time jumping on the bed and watching a new Disney movie on Daddy’s laptop. We thought we had booked a two room suite but it was really just one big room with a little divider wall between the TV room which had two chairs instead of a couch and the “bedroom”, so I was a little worried how we would all sleep in beds right next to each other but it went fine. The big kids were sharing a bed and in the middle of the night when I got up to make Zander a bottle I found Zachary using Olivia’s legs as a pillow, I really wanted to take a picture but I was afraid someone might wake up.

The hotel had a huge roller coaster that ran by our window and the kids really liked watching it (this picture is them actually watching for daddy who was taking a load of stuff out to the van before we checked out)! Another interesting thing that happened that morning was that Zander walked over to Rob holding a beer bottle, ummm that was so not ours… I guess housekeeping wasn’t to good at emptying the trash from the people before us.

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