Vacation Day 2

On day two we left Primm to drive the rest of the way to Anaheim. We decided to go straight to the beach since the weather was beautiful and it was too early to check into the hotel. The kids loved the beach and walking out on the pier to see the fishermen. Alexander was little unsure of the sand at first but he quickly decided it was fun and was covered head to toe in sand by the time we left. Olivia had a great time running in the waves and collecting shells. Zachary loved digging in the sand but he thought the water was much to cold to go in.After we checked into the hotel and gave the kids quick baths to get rid of all the sand we walked over to Disneyland!! We rode Pirates(Zachy’s favorite ride), Haunted Mansion (Zander HATED it), Jungle Cruise, It’s a Small World, Buzz and met Jasmine and Aladdin. Then it was off to the grocery store and to dinner before we fell into bed exhausted.
The face Zander is making is pretty much how he seemed to feel about the whole trip, kinda like what are we doing this for?

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