Vacation Day 3

Day 3 we started off our day going to California Adventure hoping to ride Toy Story Mania but it wasn’t open that morning so we rode the big Sun Wheel after looking at the very, very cute baby ducks that were swimming in the water there. Olivia was TERRIFIED on the Sun Wheel and we even rode in the non moving car. Zachary thought it was great, I loved the view of the park and the fountains they were testing for the new show coming this summer. Then Rob and the big kids rode the carousel several times, we also got to meet Jessie and Woody.

Then we walked over to get fast passes for Soarin over California and to take pictures with Lightening McQueen and Mater. Then we rode Monsters Inc and went to see Turtle Talk and all the fun things in that building. We then took pictures with Koda and Kenai and debated going on the river ride but since Olivia was only barely tall enough and it was a little cold we decided not to. Olivia and I rode Soarin, Olivia seems to really like the ride but she sure held on tightly to my hand during it!
We then went back to the hotel for naps during which a huge storm came through Anaheim dropping a ton of rain. Rob and the big kids did the Haunted Mansion again while I waited outside with Zander, then Rob and Olivia did Big Thunder Mountain Railroad while I waited with the boys. Zachary had great fun trying to get a duck to come over to him. Then we did Casey Jr, Dumbo (which Zander also hated), and Peter Pan. We were glad that we had our rain cover for the stroller but it only briefly sprinkled while we were there that night, it was a lot cooler but the park was emptier because of that, too.


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