Vacation Day 4

Day 4 started with me getting in the very, very long line for the princess meet and greet, Olivia hoped to meet Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty but we got Tiana and Belle, after waiting for an hour it was a little disappointing but the big kids and Rob were able to go on 6 rides while I stood there and chatted with the other moms. Then the boys met up with Olivia and I over in ToonTown.

Olivia was super excited to ride in the front of the roller coaster all by herself, I was glad to not ride it at all!

Then it was off to stand in the line to meet Tinkerbell and friends while Zachary and Rob did some more rides.

The we ran into the Fairy Godmother, who was Olivia’s favorite character when we went two years ago and it was the same lady again which was fun. She is just delightful!

Zander finally fell asleep just before we were ready to head back for lunch and naps.

Olivia and Rob did Tower of Terror while I waited with the boys for the parade to start, it got really windy and cold during the parade but that meant that after it was over we had Bugs Land almost to ourselves! We also got to go on Toy Story Mania finally, it is definitely my favorite ride!

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