Vacation Day 5

Me and the kidlets.

Pocahontas showing Olivia where her pet raccoon Mecco lived.

The kids “driving”.

Olivia with Cinderella after the Drawn to the Magic show.

Building at the Lego store.

Cute Zander chillin in the stroller.

Zachary “washing” his new friend.

Day 5 we started by riding Winnie the Pooh and Rob and Olivia rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad again, then we ran into Pocahontas while walking over to Fantasyland. She was super cute and showed Olivia where Mecco was up in the trees. The boys and I waited while Rob and Olivia rode Space Mountain, which Olivia LOVED! Then the big kids and I “drove” on Autopia twice so that both kids could sit behind the steering wheel. I learned that I hope Rob is the one to teach them how to drive a real car, it was a jerky ride! After some lunch over in California Adventure, we watched the Playhouse Disney show and the Drawn to the Magic show, then it started to sprinkle so we headed back to the hotel for some naps! That night we rode the monorail over to Downtown Disney where we checked out the Lego store and made two new friends at Build a Bear.

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