Vacation Day 6

Day 6 we decided to do each of our favorite rides at Disneyland one last time plus we tried the Storybook boats, we like the Casey Jr train way better! We rode the boats then It’s a Small World, then Roger Rabbit and then Zachary decided he just HAD to meet Mickey Mouse even thought the day before he cried and wanted nothing to do with him, this time it went much better! Then we rode Buzz Lightyear and that time Zachary nearly beat me, I guess the best best strategy is too just randomly shoot the “gun” at things. We got Fastpasses for Space Mountain and then rode Zachary’s Pirates of the Caribbean one last time. After getting me a very yummy pineapple ice cream, Rob and Olivia rode Space Mountain and by then the park was getting crowded so we said goodbye and headed back to the hotel.

All of us with Mickey.

After lunch and packing and naps we headed to the beach since the weather was beautiful, it was a little windy and cooler then Monday but nice enough for us! The kids had a great time building a sand castle and playing with the seaweed. This time there were hardly any shells but still lots of seagulls to chase!

Camera cases are so much fun to chew on.

Building a sand castle.

I love sailboat in the background. It was a great vacation!

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