A fun evening at Wheeler Farm.

Enjoying Wines Park.

Rob and I took a trip to Southern California without the kids for a few days, we had a great time with the exception of our flights being delayed and the nasty blisters I got.


Zachary worked really hard to blow bubbles all by himself this year.

Yummy smores!

Fishing with Daddy was a hit!

I love how his nose is smushed into the tank!

The kids all liked the new penguin exhibit.

Olivia enjoyed her summer dance class.

Olivia with her teacher Mrs. Eves.

Zander loves his blankey.

What a helpful big sister.

Zachary started preschool and LOVES it!


July went by super fast! I took at trip to Washington to visit my mom and be in our town’s parade, but those pictures are on another card so don’t hold your breath they will ever make it one here!! 😉
We got Zachy a used Leapster to try to stop the fighting that kept happening over Olivia’s Leapster.

What a nice big sister! Zander was not a fan of swimming at Aunty Jen’s this summer.

Fun with pudding.

Zachy after the jello fight at Thanksgiving Point.

Zander liked his popsicle.

Olivia finger painting Thanksgiving Point’s sidewalk, not what they were probably intending the paints to be used for.

Washing off in the fountains after all the messy fun.

Trying to figure out where the water squirts come from.

And one of those moments that makes all the fighting crazy hard days worth it…


June started with a fun visit from my mom and Grandpa Dave. We took the oldest two kids on the train in Heber, it was a warm day so we were glad to ride in one of the open sided train cars.

Olivia wasn’t too sure of the “train robbers.”

Another day we went for a hike near Payson to this waterfall, it was quite the task to get all of us out on this rock!

Crossing the stream.

We had a yummy picnic lunch at Payson Lakes. And then the day got a little scary, we had planned on making the trip up the mountain to see the Kolob Canyon and then coming back down the other side of the mountain. All the information I could find online said the road was open but ummm, nope it wasn’t. We drove through some pretty scary spots and were thankful that mom and Dave’s car decided it wanted off the mountain before it got too bad.

The really pretty plants on the roadside.

The road partially blocked by snow, there were worse areas but I didn’t get pictures.

After all the scary driving we arrived at the canyon which was quite pretty, it was just too bad that the gate to get us down the backside of the mountain was still closed so we had to drive back through the snow.

Zachary enjoying Tucano’s buffet!

Olivia loved the bunnies at Grandma and Grandpa’s neighbor’s house.

We finally got Rob a new car, the poor green car had a good life with us but the new Avalon is a welcome addition to our house.

We had a baby skunk visit our backyard in June (the neighbor’s dog “took care of it” soon after!)

Late May

Ummm, so yeah it has been forever since I put some new pictures on here. I hope you enjoy them!
I told him to go wash his feet…

Olivia really likes the fossils at the Dinosaur Museum.

Olivia with her beloved Mrs. Bahr, she had a great second year of preschool and we are sure proud of how much she learned.

Feeding the koi fish at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

We were lucky enough to have Aunty Jen come to Thanksgiving Point with us for some of their fun Monday night activities, this one had FREE cotton candy, YUM!