We didn’t get too many pictures in December but here are a few:

Zachary with his wonderful preschool teacher at his Christmas program.

All decked out to play in the snow.

At Grandma and Grandpa Haslam’s for Christmas Eve.

Our tree and presents after Santa visited.


We had a wonderful vacation in San Diego and Disneyland the first week of November.
Olivia loved swimming in the pool.

All the cousins at the temple.

Our little family.

Panning for “gold” at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site

Zachary loved playing the fiddle.

At Coronado beach.

The fun splash park at the condo.

Zander trying to jump in.

Even I got in a swimsuit since it was 100 degrees.

Olivia got brave and loved having Uncle Dave throw her in the pool.

Olivia got to march in the Alice in Wonderland parade.

Meeting Tigger.

Studying the map.

I spent most of my time at Disneyland with these cute little guys while the “big” kids rode the rides.

On Grizzly River Rapids.

All worn out.

We got to meet all six princesses this time, Olivia was just the right age to still believe in the magic of princesses.

And a few weeks later we got snow at home.