The Story I Wasn’t Going to Tell

I wasn’t going to post anything about what happened to me after having Sophia but after reading this (make sure you have tissues before you go read about that family) I felt like I should put down what happened so here goes.

Sophia was born on Sunday morning and all seemed to go well (perhaps soon I will write more details on her birth). I went into the hospital with a “raging” (quoted from the instacare doctor) ear infection so I was on antibiotics. My blood pressure was a bit high after having her which was very unusual for me, I had been very constant for all of my prenatal appointments. Sunday was a nice day, the kids came to visit me and meet Sophia and Rob and I were able to nap after being up all night waiting for Sophia to decide it was time to be born. I nursed her several times but did send her to the nursery for the night since I was really tired. Monday all seemed well except that my blood pressure was still high but I was really only staying at the hospital since we have an extra insurance policy that pays if you stay for two days. I felt really good (probably better then I had after having any of the other kids), I was up walking around and I had showered and gotten on cute jammies and Rob and I enjoyed our “fancy” dinner from the hospital. After dinner Rob left to go home to be with the other kids and my sister and sister in law came to visit. We watched the college football championship and during that the nurse came in to yet again check my vitals and she was concerned with how high my blood pressure was so she had my lay on my left side and rest, when she came back my numbers had improved so she let me sit back up. I told her not to worry I wasn’t going to die on her. After Jen and Trisha left I decided to nurse Sophia before sending her to the nursery for the night. A few minutes into nursing her I suddenly was in the worse pain I have ever felt (and I had Zachary without an epidural). My stomach felt like it was being ripped open. I was able to put Sophia into her little hospital crib and I went into the bathroom thinking maybe it was gas or a clot and that surely I would feel better if I could just use the potty. The toilet faced the sink which had a mirror above it and I could tell when I saw my reflection that something was wrong. The pain was increasing and I had vomited and I felt like I couldn’t move and all I could think was that I needed to pull the emergency help rope. The nurses quickly called back but I was in so much pain I couldn’t speak and then suddenly my room was filled with nurses (I am fairly certain that when a patient doesn’t answer they get a little worried). They were able to help me clean up and move me back to my bed (and they thankfully took Sophia to the nursery and fed her, she was not at all happy her feeding had ended so abruptly). They were all quite worried about why I was in so much pain but by then I was feeling better. They noticed that I hadn’t really had much pain medicine and were hopeful that my pain had just caught up with me and that I just needed something to “take the edge off”. My blood pressure was still crazy high so I was under strict orders to lay on my left side and try to sleep. And my nurse reminded me I had told her I wasn’t going to die on her.

Early Tuesday morning my family doctor came to check on Sophia and clear her for being able to go home in the afternoon, he checked my chart while he was there and was concerned with my numbers and ordered a blood draw. When my OB came for the morning visit he too was concerned and said he could really only think of two things it could be and both were bad, I think I knew at that point that I wasn’t going to be able to go home in a few hours. Rob came around noon with my favorite lunch but of course one bite into it Sophia woke up and wanted to eat so I started to nurse her. The same horrible pain happened, this time thankfully Rob was there to call the nurses. At that point things get a little hazy to me (I think I got some morphine around this time). I know that my OB came back to see us and ordered a CT scan and stomach xrays, I remember that Rob was really worried, I know his parents came and that I received a blessing. I remember getting into the wheelchair and going down for the CT scan and xray, I am fairly certain that after that I must have gone back to my room and that the doctor must have come to tell us what they had found but my next clear memory is being wheeled down to surgery in my hospital bed and going past the nursery thinking I would really like to see Sophia one more time but knowing that there wasn’t time. I remember Rob kissing me goodbye and I remember not really being scared or worried but starting to cry when I got into the operating room because I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get from the hospital bed to the operating table because every movement hurt so bad by this point. I can remember my nice doctor telling me not to worry they would move me and then the air flow in my breathing tube got turned up…

The CT scan and xrays had showed that I was bleeding out internally. An artery on my uterus had ruptured and I was filling up with blood. I needed 3 units of blood to replace what had been lost (I guess I normally have about 11 units so that is nearly 30% of my blood). Because blood is bad on the outside of organs I had to have an emergency hysterectomy. The doctor was able to save one ovary so hopefully I don’t need hormone therapy but my other ovary, uterus, and cervix were all damaged and removed and I now have a nice shiny red scar from my belly button on down, no more bikini contests for me! 😉

My next memory is hearing Rob and my sister talking and knowing that it was dark and I guess I said a few things but I mostly just remember wondering what was in my throat, from having surgery the hangy thing in my throat was dry and swollen and super annoying to me. When I woke up the next morning which just happened to be my 32nd birthday, my first thought was “well I guess I can get Lasik done now”, because I was waiting until we were done having babies to have that done. It was a hard day but we felt Heavenly Father watching over us, we were able to have Sophia stay in the hospital so Rob brought her to see me, it was hard not being able to nurse her but she did great with the bottle so that was good. All I really wanted to do most of the day was eat but I was only able to have small amounts of water and ice until dinner time when I got jello, juice, and plain broth. It tasted great!! I spent the next few days in the hospital recovering. I was worried to go home since my mom wouldn’t be coming to help for another week but thankfully our good neighbors and friends were able to fill in when Rob had to be at work. I am so thankful for my nurses and my OB who showed me so much love and care.

So far I have felt pretty good, the first little bit the recovery was a bit rough but not as bad as I had imagined. I feel (6 months later) that I am pretty much back to “normal”. We are sad that we cant have more babies and I would enjoyed that pregnancy so much more if I had know it was my last but we feel blessed to have the four babies we have and of course that I lived. And as Olivia reminds us we can always adopt!

Thanksgiving Point

We spent the afternoon with our cousins at Thanksgiving Point, we did the dino museum, farm country, and the gardens. It was a long fun afternoon and I was ready for a nap when we were done!!

Tooth #2

Olivia lost her second tooth, I had to face my fear of loose teeth and pull it out myself since it was so loose it would never have survived lunch that day.


We celebrated Easter a week early with Rob’s family since his parents were going on a trip for Easter. The kids had a great time and came home with TONS of candy.

Zander is 2

Zander turned 2! And he has the attitude to go with the age. He is starting to be easier to understand when he talks which helps us know what he wants most of the time. Zander loves his brother and sisters and always wants to be doing what they are. We love how good of a little guy he is and his beautiful eyelashes and cute mohawk!

Early April

Olivia is excited for Sophia to grow bigger so she has some extra girl defense.

The snow was really pretty stuck to everything and it melted quickly which was even better!


We had a “warm” day on a Sunday in March so we took the kids for a long walk on the trail by our house and then stopped off at the playground to wear them out, Zander really liked the slide.

Our squirrel is back (do you see it between the toys in the middle of the picture), the kids haved named “him” Chunky.

Someone forgot to put on his shoes….