Sophia Grace ~ 6 months

Our sweet Sophie is now 6 months old, the time has gone so fast and while I miss our “little” baby, our “not-so-little” baby is a delightful girl. She is a wonderful sleeper at night which none of our other kids ever was. She is usually happy unless she is hungry or tired (a typical Haslam!) and she lights up when her siblings or daddy play with her. She can roll over both ways and she wants to crawl but hasn’t quite figured out how to lift that cute belly of hers off the floor. Her two bottom teeth are so cute! She loves just being with us and we love just being with her, we are so lucky to have her in our family!

Princess Festival

I took Olivia to the Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point, she was so excited to get her hair and nails done! She has my thick hair, the hairstylist was surprised!

Meeting Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter.

They had fun cutouts, Olivia makes a good little fairy.

We met up with my friend Megan and her little girl Abigail, here are our cute girls deciding where to go next.

Watching one of the musical shows.

Beauty and the Beast (who was kinda scary to me!).

It was a wonderful day! I hope it is still that much fun for her next year cause I sure want to go again!!

Late June 2011

Zachary fishing at the family reunion.

Olivia giving Zander fishing tips.

Zander loved swinging.


At Kennecott Copper Mine.

No one really wanted to take a picture with me!

All ready for the Lehi Parade.

Waiting for the parade to start.

Sophie at Rob’s company party.

These two love each other.

The kids have had a lot of fun with squirt bottles this summer.

Early June 2011

Rob and Zachary went to the demolition derby in Eagle Mountain, Zachary liked the cotton candy more then the cars!

I was trying to get a picture of Sophie holding her head up and everyone else wanted in on the action.

Sweet Sophie in the bumbo.

All ready for church.

Look who lost her two front teeth!


May 2011

Mother’s Day 2011, I sure am thankful to be these little ones mommy! (Even if they wont sit still for a picture!)

Our chickens are growing.

Sweet baby!

How cute it this?!

Sisterly love.

And brotherly love!

Someone likes jam!

I sure love this little man!

And this sweet baby girl!

The boys checking out a worm.

Zachy with his wonderful teacher. We sure liked her and continue to be so impressed with Learning Dynamics!

My mom was able to come visit for a few days and before she and I got super sick we were able to have some fun!

My mom and baby Sophie.

Someone likes blue!

Could she be any cuter?

Zander’s first pony ride at Thanksgiving Point.

We got some sand for the garden but before it got moved the kids sure enjoyed playing in the trailer with it!