Washington Vacation

We were lucky enough to take a long road trip to Washington in August to see my mom and do some fun things along the way. Here are some of the fun pictures from the trip!

Zander was not so happy for a lot of the drive to Ontario, Oregon.
We stopped at all the temples we came near, here we are in Twin Falls, ID.

The beautiful Shoshone Falls. It was amazing how much water was still in the river in late August.

At the Boise temple, which was under renovation.

At the amazing Oregon Trail museum on Day 2 of vacation, if you are ever near Baker Oregon for sure go visit it! This window overlooks the actual trail that you can still see in the hillside.

Family picture (notice I was wearing glasses, my eye doctor was trying to get a better prescription for my contacts).

The beautiful Columbia River Temple.

Snoqualmie Falls.

At the Seattle Temple.

Olivia with the Seattle skyline behind her on the ferry ride.

Group shot taken by Rob’s mom, Rob’s parents were able to come with us which was super to have two additional adult helpers.
Zander found it super amusing to run on the lines on the floor of the ferry, he had the best time!

Finally at Birch Bay, Washington.

The boys LOVED throwing rocks into the ocean.

Zander quickly learned that only the “blue” blueberries were yummy and then he wouldn’t stop picking them.

My passport got its very first stamp! (And yes the border agent thought we were crazy)

The super cute manatee during the manatee show that went something like this…


And ended with a super wet Sophie who was sitting behind all of us who were in the “wet zone”, luckily she didn’t seem to mind too much.

At the Vancouver, British Columbia Temple.

My mom and I surprised Olivia with a trip to the brand new American Girl Doll Store in Lynnwood, she was so happy!

After selecting her doll we all went to lunch at the super cute cafe, Olivia was a LITTLE bit excited to get dessert.

All of my mom’s grand kids, Zachary, Emma, Zander, Olivia, Sophia, and Brianna.

Zachary loved flying the kite.

The kids were super excited to get blue Fruit Loops ice cream! Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa.

Cannon Beach, Oregon.

For a pretty much unplanned stop, the beach was one of the best parts of vacation.

Zachary ended up getting swept under by a wave but he cheered up finding sand dollars with Rob.

Sophia and I kept our toes out of the REALLY cold water, Zander stayed pretty close to me too, he didn’t like the waves getting him.

My five favorite people!

At the Portland Oregon Temple. It was beautiful!!

At Multnomah Falls, it was quite impressive!

We ran into the parents of one of Rob’s friends while we were at the falls, what a small world!

It was a great trip! I loved seeing my mom, reading lots of books, being at the ocean, and just spending time with my family.

2 thoughts on “Washington Vacation

  1. Love all the temple pictures! What great memories to make. The picture of you at the beach is adorable. Somehow it seems to capture your personality in a, "Heather is such a sweet cute person" sort of way. Love it.

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