Washington DC Trip 2011

Rob and I are trying to take one vacation every year without the kids, this year we went to Washington D.C. for 6 days.

Day 1 Rob and I dropped the kids and the van and all their gear off at Rob’s parents house on Tuesday and off we went to the airport. We flew direct into Baltimore, I spent the flight sorting pictures for Rob’s mom and reading a great book. Rob napped! We landed, picked up our rental car (and after driving away wondered why we didn’t upgrade, I hadn’t been in a vehicle with manual locks and windows in a VERY long time!), found our hotel, and then got dinner from the fast food place next door. I had been to Washington DC when I was in high school but Rob had never been.
Day 2, we took the Metro for the first time and it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be. The weather was beautiful and we walked and walked and walked all day! First to the Washington Monument, the White House (where it was fun to see their beehive), some cool old buildings on our way to the World War II memorial which was beautiful, then through the pretty park where we met a friendly squirrel, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the brand new Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial, then the long walk around the water where we saw the FDR Memorial which both Rob and I really liked, then finally the Jefferson Memorial and LUNCH! Then it was off to the Holocaust Museum which was so touching, then to the Asian and African art museums which were not very exciting. And finally back to the Metro and our hotel. My feet were SORE!

The pretty trees just before the World War II Memorial.

I really liked all the little carvings that lead down to the memorial.

Vietnam Memorial.

In front of the Lincoln Memorial.

The trees were still really pretty as you can see here at the Korean War Memorial.

And on the other side of the Korean War Memorial.

I really liked this quote at the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial.

Rob being goofy.

Day 3, started with a wonderful tour of the capitol building by my high school friend Jessah and her co-worker. Jessah currently is working for the Senator from Wisconsin so we got to meet her in her office and then take some fun under building transport to the capitol. It was great to get such a personal tour! After that we went to a fun burger place she recommended, then it was out into the misty, cool rainy day where I really started to wish I had my coat! We went into all the museums, mostly because they were warm and dry!! I really liked the Natural History Museum’s display on gems and rocks. Rob was so excited to see the elephant but decided that it wasn’t quite as cool in person. We learned we are not art people, I just cant get excited about really old paintings. It was fascinating to see the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. We didn’t take too many pictures this day since we were inside the museums but it was a fun (but cold and wet) day!

The Botanical Gardens had these cool models of all the Memorials and Capitol made out of natural materials.

Day 4 We spent the morning in Alexandria which my mom says I loved in High School but I didn’t feel quite the same way as a grown up! We did get to go into lots of little antique stores but didn’t find anything fun to bring home. Then we drove to Mount Vernon and decided that we couldn’t walk around another thing especially since it cost $15 a person to go in. The gift shop was really nice, though! We went back to the hotel and got ready to go to the temple, we planned it just right so we could see it in the daylight and then the dark when we came out. It was very impressive!

Day 5 We went to Arlington Cemetery, the leaves were still beautiful and it was very sobering to see the rows and rows of graves. Then since the weather was so nice again we got off the Metro to see the Capitol building in the sunshine and then walked up to the Farmer’s Market, where we had a delicious pretzel and lemonade and bought a few fun art prints to bring home.

The view from the Lee House at the cemetery.

Day 6 We packed up and flew home to four little kids who were very happy to see us! It was a great trip!!

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