March 2013


Before church the day after the baptism


So proud of my sweet girl


Trying to take a family picture after Olivia’s baptism


Easter Egg “hunt” in downtown Lehi


Super full bathtub


Olivia and me at Disney on Ice


At Farm Country


So fun to have a daughter who loves American Girl doll books and clothes


and LalaLoopsy dolls, she is super easy to shop for


Blowing out her candles


Sophie sat still long enough for me to get a ponytail in

February 2013


Having a mystery food dinner


Warming up a bit in the smelly reptile animal house at the zoo


There was still a lot of snow at the zoo but we got to see some animals moving about that are normally sleeping


Enjoying the zoo on President’s Day


Happy 6th Birthday to our Zachary!


Super excited to get a beyblade


Children’s Museum for Zach’s birthday


Making hearts with reasons why we love each other for our bedroom doors

January 2013


We got A LOT of snow this year!


There were endless piles of wet snow gear by the back door all winter


Our school district does not do snow days so I gave the kids one, they enjoyed playing with the Play-doh, I enjoyed vacuuming it up afterwards because that means there is less for next time.


Mad because I wanted to take a picture not because she is experimenting in facial art (thankfully with washable markers)


Someone became too much of a monkey for her crib so we took the front piece off so she would be safe


Happy 2nd Birthday!


She loved opening presents


She really, really wanted my lemon so I made sure to have the camera ready to capture her expression


We took the kids on a mini-vacation to Logan for a night, it was beautiful but VERY, VERY cold.


We went to see the elk at Hardware Ranch, it was awesome to see them up close


All bundled up to see the elk


On the sleigh ride on the elk field


Sophie and Zander have loved walking Zachary to the kindergarten bus stop


Good morning sleepy-head, the bottle fairy came to take the bottles away, she did much better without them than I thought she would


Cuddles from my buddy


Peek-a-boo we see you!


December 2012

So our memory cards went all crazy after vacation and somehow we lost all our pictures from after vacation until Christmas morning, thankfully my mom visited for both Zander’s preschool program and Olivia’s dance recital. 

 Our cute preschooler

 Sophie enjoying the freedom to run about while waiting for Olivia’s performance

 Olivia really enjoyed her ballroom lessons

 Family picture before church

 We had a fun visit with Grandma Elizabeth

 Nice manatee face Olivia

 Christmas Day!

 We got a ton of snow this year, this is just some of the pile in front of our house, the kids made it into an open topped igloo

 We decorated gingerbread cookies

 On New Year’s Eve we took the kids to a hockey game, Zach LOVED it!

Fall Vacation

 Day 1 In our driveway leaving for vacation

 At Dead Horse Point State Park (its like a small version of the Grand Canyon)

 In Moab on a bridge Rob designed

 In Arches National Park

 Day 2 in Vail (notice the snow being made behind us, it was chilly!)

 Denver, Colorado temple

 We had to stop at the American Girl doll store

 Running off some energy at the Denver Natural History Musuem

 Day 3 Everyone sleeping at the same time!!

 At a science museum in Texas

 Lubbock, Texas temple

 Day 4 a swim at the hotel before a long drive to San Antonio

 Day 5 at the Alamo

 Taking the beautiful water taxi ride

 Day 6 at the zoo

 Day 7 at Sea World

 Day 8 at the beach in Corpus Christie, it was so beautiful (Olivia and I just need to remember to wear more sunscreen next time)

 Day 9 was a Sunday so we spent it at church with the Barrus’ who were kind enough to let us stay with them, Day 10 San Antonio, Texas temple

 Day 11 Carlsbad Caverns

 Day 12 Albuquerque, New Mexico temple

 Fun hot air balloon museum in Albuquerque

 Petrified Forest National Park (one of our favorite stops)

 Snowflake, New Mexico temple

 Day 13 Grand Canyon