Tagged again!

Here are 6 facts/habits about me:

1. I tie my shoes weird. My grandpa taught me the two bunny ear method and I have stuck with it. I can do the bunny through the bunny hole method but it doesnt come very easy to me.

2. I am a grump until I take a shower and wash my hair, I am okay for a few hours in the morning until Zachary naps but if I dont get a shower by noon I am not a happy camper.

3. I cant stand for the two way light switches to be up when the light is off, I will turn the light on and then off with the other switch to fix it.

4. I have a really sensitive sense of smell, I cant stand the smell of varnish, paint, garbage that has been in the can a little to long, curry, and a few other things. Rob calls it my super sense and it is the worst when I am pregnant. With Olivia I couldnt go near potatoes, they smelled so bad.

5. I hate calling people on the phone, it gives me major anxiety to pick up the phone and call anyone.

6. I pick at the sides of my finger nails, it is an awful and painful habit that only stopped when I had acrylic nails back in the day.

Okay all you who read this be brave and answer this on your blog!