We decided to try a recipe that I got from Little Millie from next door was here so it was fun to make cookies with three under three. They were really yummy. Trying to save time I was cracking eggs directly into the mixer and of course dropped the entire egg in so I got to start all over.
Zachary was so excited by the mixer.
Eating chocolate chips.

Funny Zachary

In case you were wondering its not a good idea to give Zachary a blue licorice. Unless you want a sticky little smurf to clean up.
Zachary thinks that cardboard is yummy. While we were shopping the other day he chewed this hole in the pasta box. Crazy kid!

"Candyland" and Post 100

Yesterday we had the fun experince of going to a real candy factory. Olivia kept calling it “candyland”, even today she asked when we were going back to “candyland”. Cute! Sorry there arent pictures but they dont let you bring cameras with you. You can visit their website for your own little tour at Or if you live in the SLC area you can set up an appointment to go on the tour we went on, I recommend it highly!

The kids had a great time, although getting their own little bag of candy at the end was their favorite part of course. My favorite part was seeing the taffy quality control board where they had examples of the proper look for each kind of taffy. Olivia was so good and helpful pushing her cousin in his stroller, she wanted nothing to do with helping me with Zachary! Zachary had a hard time wearing the little hair net they make everyone wear but towards the end he started to leave it alone. It was so much fun to try the candy right after it was made, it was so fresh and yummy. After the tour we went to visit Aunty Jen at her work and we ended up having lunch with her at Iceberg, their fries are so YUMMY!! Both kids fell asleep on the way home so it must have worn them out!

And that makes for the 100th post on my blog!


After seeing the mountain goats we took the kids to a playground so we could eat our yummy Philadelpian sandwiches.
Looking down the slide.
Playing the “I want that” game with daddy’s lunch. He would come over and beg for food but when you offered him some he would run away. He thinks he is so funny!
Zachary loves to go down slides! He has no fear at all.