December 2012

So our memory cards went all crazy after vacation and somehow we lost all our pictures from after vacation until Christmas morning, thankfully my mom visited for both Zander’s preschool program and Olivia’s dance recital. 

 Our cute preschooler

 Sophie enjoying the freedom to run about while waiting for Olivia’s performance

 Olivia really enjoyed her ballroom lessons

 Family picture before church

 We had a fun visit with Grandma Elizabeth

 Nice manatee face Olivia

 Christmas Day!

 We got a ton of snow this year, this is just some of the pile in front of our house, the kids made it into an open topped igloo

 We decorated gingerbread cookies

 On New Year’s Eve we took the kids to a hockey game, Zach LOVED it!


Fall Vacation

 Day 1 In our driveway leaving for vacation

 At Dead Horse Point State Park (its like a small version of the Grand Canyon)

 In Moab on a bridge Rob designed

 In Arches National Park

 Day 2 in Vail (notice the snow being made behind us, it was chilly!)

 Denver, Colorado temple

 We had to stop at the American Girl doll store

 Running off some energy at the Denver Natural History Musuem

 Day 3 Everyone sleeping at the same time!!

 At a science museum in Texas

 Lubbock, Texas temple

 Day 4 a swim at the hotel before a long drive to San Antonio

 Day 5 at the Alamo

 Taking the beautiful water taxi ride

 Day 6 at the zoo

 Day 7 at Sea World

 Day 8 at the beach in Corpus Christie, it was so beautiful (Olivia and I just need to remember to wear more sunscreen next time)

 Day 9 was a Sunday so we spent it at church with the Barrus’ who were kind enough to let us stay with them, Day 10 San Antonio, Texas temple

 Day 11 Carlsbad Caverns

 Day 12 Albuquerque, New Mexico temple

 Fun hot air balloon museum in Albuquerque

 Petrified Forest National Park (one of our favorite stops)

 Snowflake, New Mexico temple

 Day 13 Grand Canyon

Fall Family Pictures

Instead of paying for school pictures we decided to get family pictures taken instead, we went to FotoFly again and this was our worst experience so far but there were still some cute pictures.

September 2012

 We let the chickens out in the fall to eat all the leftover stuff out of the garden, Sophia mastered catching them by their tails.

 Hiking on the Nebo loop

 Family picture time at Payson Lake (and yes that would be sweet Sophia trying to attack our new camera…)

 At Devil’s Kitchen on the loop also.

 Rob got the kids a little 4-wheeler, they are still mastering driving it.

 Sophia being super safe…

August 2012

 Messy fun with chalk and water in the backyard

 Zander with his best buddy, Everett at the zoo

 Silly Sophie

 Cascade Springs, one of our favorite places

A fun little picnic area up American Fork canyon

 At Tracy Aviary

 And then the zoo

 Olivia’s first day of 2nd grade

 Peaches from our two peach trees

 Zach’s first day of Kindergarten

 Waiting for the big kids to come home

 Zander’s first day of preschool

July 2012

 Rob took the big kids to the parade in Riverton

 July 4th movie night

 Sophie started nursery

 Jello fight at Thanksgiving Point

 Kennecott copper mine visitor center

 Sophie loves to swing

 At Aunty Jen’s pool

 The first stop on our Yellowstone Haslam family vacation, the Idaho Falls temple

 Bear World (after we had to rent a van since ours was acting up)

 Playing in Yellowstone lake

 Grandpa Richard came with us

 On the way home, Rexburg temple

This is why it is impossible for me to keep our doors clean…

June 2012

 My dad came down to visit, the big kids liked his dogs but Sophie liked their water bowls

 At the Bean Musuem at BYU

 At Wheeler Farm

 On our anniversary at Tucanos

 The wildfire on the mountain behind our house

 Someone likes cotton candy as much as I do!

 Olivia at the Princess Festival

 At Temple Square

 At Silver Lake

May 2012

 Zachary and me at his preschool Mother’s Day program

 His sorta funny answers

 Zachary loves riding his bike without training wheels

 Sophie loves to ride her bike, too

Olivia and Kambri at the Air Show

 We traded Sophia for Kambri

 Olivia loved the shiny plane

 It was a little cold and windy

 Last picture at the air show before it got super windy and super rainy

 Strong kids

 At Thanksgiving Point gardens

 Olivia mastered blowing bubbles

April 2012


 Zachary’s first time on the really cool new climbing pyramid near our house, it took him a few months to get brave enough but he has made it to the top many times now.

 At the Children’s Museum for Zander’s birthday!

 Zach the cashier

 Olivia the farmer

 Zander’s birthday cookie

 So excited to get sunglasses and a baseball bat.

 Brotherly love

 Stylin Sophie

Me and Zander at the Tulip Festival

 Looking for frogs at Thanksgiving Point

 Olivia’s Rapunzel play, she got to sing a trio and did a great job!

Grandma Elizabeth came for a short visit to see us and the play, too!

March 2012


 My kids love the snow!

 Not this kid though

 Pretty impressive snowman

 Not too sure of the new chick

 Happy Birthday Olivia

 Super excited about the new clothes for her doll

 and Burger King meal.

 Soft chickie

 Sisterly love

 Yummo brownie mix

 We really can’t seem to get a good Sunday group picture.

 Sophie loves riding her bike.

 Zachary got his training wheels off.

 Olivia’s cake for her party.

 Painting Rapunzel style.

 Olivia’s best friend Kambri

 Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa’s house

 Family pic at the Easter egg hunt

Zach loves when we find snakes in the yard.